Wide Ocean is a professional paper-based items manufacturing and printing company. In 1992, it was founded by two partners, Mr. Patrick Mak and Mr. Andy Wong, who have a huge passion for print.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, the workshop located in Guan Lan Town, Shenzhen, China and over 260 staffs employed.

Taking the initiative, striving for innovation and being customers and quality-oriented are ours motto that leads the corporation to have won numerous honors through the years, building a strong brand identity based on professional achievement in the industry.

Our Mission

Wide Ocean strives to go beyond the expected and provide the exceptional in print solutions.

What really excites us are the challenge of new ideas in print. Finer detail. More intense – and more accurate – colour. Intricate finishing. More sensitivity to the environment.

Wide Ocean is with its clients every step of the way to exceed expectations, offering innovative ideas and solutions. Our knowledge of the technologies, the techniques, the papers, and the inks are always at your service.

It’s the beauty of print. More power to your communications and products.

Our Future

In this technological age where printing technology is advancing in a flash and client’s demand are ever-increasing, we continually invest in state-of-the-art printing press and technology, to explore new materials and techniques and enrich our scope of services.

As our factory takes its place as a global powerhouse, we are well-prepared to color the world with our passion for the extraordinary in print.

We commit to pursue sustainable growth and actively work with our customers towards a shared objective that delivers “Win-Win” with total solutions to all stakeholders.

We are committed to adopting the most advanced technology in it is pre-press, press and post-press operation for continuous improvement in productivity and product quality.

We invented the “Wide Ocean Color System” which can provide a combination of Computer-to-plate, Hi-Fidelity Color and 6-colour printing on our KBA press. This system is more vibrant, clearer, photo-realistic color than can be achieved with 4 color (CMYK) printing alone.

Color accuracy is assured and high quality process control. Equally important is to have a skillful professional team members to bring out the best performance of these products. Moreover, we are specialists in laser-cutting, relief embossing and reflection stamping printing that serves this fast moving and demanding market.


Printing technology has been advancing in the speed of flash. Wide Ocean is committed to invest continuously in state-of-the-art printing press and technology, as well as explore new material possibilities and advanced techniques to enrich and expand our scope and quality of services.

Our proprietary “Wide Ocean Color System” provides 6-color printing on our KBA press by combining computer-to-plate (CTP) and Hi-Fidelity Color. This system allows us to achieve clearer, more vibrant and photo-realistic color than 4-color (CMYK) printing alone.

We are also specialists in a full repertoire of printing effects, including laser-cutting, relief embossing/debossing, reflection stamping and many more. Every technique we offer has been fine-tuned for the purpose of fulfilling your most breath-taking visions and fast turnaround needs.


At Wide Ocean, we follow the best environmental practices.

We offer paper products that are independently certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Our customers can be rest assured that the products come from forests that are managed to meet social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations.

We also work with soy-based ink, which is naturally low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds, chemical compounds that evaporate and react to sunlight) and its usage can reduce emissions causing air pollution. Soy ink is also a helpful component in paper recycling.

We love the Earth as much as you do.